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Did you know that windscreens can be repaired?


Windscreen cracks, stars, bulls-eyes and combinations can be repaired with Autoglazings windscreen repair system, and that this can save you time and money! If the chip in your screen is no bigger than the size of a £1 coin, we can repair it before it turns in to a larger crack - therefore avoiding the need to replace the windscreen. Windscreen repairs can be free, depending on your insurance policy. A single repair usually takes only 30 minutes to perform - so you save time as well as money. All repairs are performed to British Standards.


We offer a drive-in while-you-wait service, or a mobile service from one of our fully equipped vehicles.

We guarantee that after the repair the windscreen damage will not crack or extend. In the unlikely event that the repair should extend and cannot be fixed, we will supply or arrange to replace your windscreen and will deduct the invoiced amount of the repair off the recommended retail price of a new windscreen. There is no time limit to this guarantee.

Repairs are carried out using the latest technology; they return your screen to its original strength; comply with all MOT requirements; are optically clear and virtually invisible.

Don't let that small crack turn into a larger one requiring total windscreen replacement, call us on 0845 466 0276 now for a first class repair before you need to spend more than necessary.


MOT requirements for windscreens

The drivers view must not be impaired in anyway, so out go the fluffy dice and baby on board stickers, at least for the test! The windscreen must be free of cracks and damage, although small stone chips can be ignored as long as they are not obscuring the driver's field of view.

Area 'A' (see diagram) is the 'critical' area. Within this area any chip or crack that obscures the driver's view has to be below a maximum diameter of 10mm.


The remaining area that is of concern for the MOT tester is that which the wipers sweep across. Within this region the cracks and spots must not exceed a diameter of 40mm Interior and externals mirrors must be securely and correctly fitted, and must be there if fitted as standard. They should not be damaged as to hinder rearward vision and must operate correctly. Items such as windscreen wipers, which should be of the correct size, must be able to effectively clean the windscreen and the rubber strips should be free of rips and tears.

The washer jets should be free-flowing and able to squirt efficiently onto the windscreen. Make sure that you top all water reservoirs up. An empty washer bottle will cause a fail.


How is the windscreen repair done?


1/ Temperature can affect the efficiency of the repair so the first thing we do is to check the temperature of your windscreen.

2/ A mirror is then fixed to the interior of your windscreen, directly beneath the chip, so that the damaged area can be viewed whilst it's fixed.

3/ The damaged area must be completely clean and dry. A special tool is used to remove any loose pieces of glass and other debris.

4/ A gadget called a 'Piston' is placed over the chip. When switched on this creates a vacuum that sucks all of the air out of the chip in just a few minutes.

A clear resin liquid is then injected inside the piston. Gradually the piston is turned, rather like a screw, causing the resin to be forced into the chip; in effect 'filling' it.

The piston is soon removed and a special film immediately placed over the chip. This keeps the resin in place until it dries.

5/ An ultra-violet lamp is placed over the top of the repair to help the resin set hard.

6/ Everything is then removed and the windscreen is polished clean. Your windscreen repair is now complete.




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